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Who am I?

Hi! I'm Enguerran, but this is not important... I'm very passionate about new technology and web, animated gifs, memes, lolcats and Comic Sans MS .

I am curious and I like hacking and tweaking, searching in order to discover new things, understanding how it works, learning, finding a solution to a problem...

I completed my professional bachelor degree, the "Licence pro Développeur Web et Mobile (LP DW)" with a specialization in IOT/Internet Of Things. As a first step, I worked at Cheval de Troie (coop training course fallowed by a fixed-term contract). Now I'm working at PopUp House. I also have a University diploma in technology, the "DUT MMI" (formerly "SRC") or the Extended Cut:
"Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie - Métiers du Multimédia et de l'Internet" (formerly "Services et Réseaux de Communication"). So, in short, it's a web and multimedia diploma.

N.B. : to Canadian friends, the DUT MMI corresponds to the "DEC Techniques d'intégration multimédia".


Because without them, I would make web pages with MS Word...

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Web projects

La Poste Belem :
Registration website for the members of the "La Poste" group to sign up for a sailing race. There are explanations as well as a registration form with different psychological tests and validation steps before being considered accepted on this race..
By Cheval de Troie, 2016
Ardentes Clipei :
Showcase website for a custom tailor + Wordpress / WooCommerce online shop (link on the main website).
By Cheval de Troie, 2016
Lions Club (Coming soon) :
Custom Wordpress theme in the colors of the Lions Club originally intended for Club Lions de Matane website. Available in the future to all Lions Clubs who would like to create their own Wordpress site. Key features: responsive (bootstrap), timeline, carousel slot and footer links, adaptive scroll menu..
Created for the 11 weeks training course for the Club Lions de Matane (Québec), 2015 - Available in the future to everyone on the Wordpress themes gallery
Club Lions de Matane :
Wordpress website for the Club Lions de Matane using the Lions Club theme created for this occasion..
Creation of the website during an 11-week training course for the Club Lions de Matane (Québec), 2015
Time2Vote :
Webapp allowing to vote for player 1 or 2 in the game Time2Draw.
Group project, at the Cégep de Matane (Québec), 2015 - Development of the voting system (database, webapp, webapp functions, functions for the game)


Working principle

The two players are divided by a vote system. The audience only needs to scan the qr code displayed on the game screen at the beginning of the game.

This QR returns to a web page and people vote for player 1 or 2 via this webapp, no installation is necessary

Technical details:

The MySQL database is the center of the voting system.

The game sends GET requests to a php script for each action (open session, close session, open votes, retrieve results ...) and this script interprets these queries in order to interact with the database.

The same principle is applied to the webapp, which does all its requests in ajax in order to avoid unnecessary page loads (the voting period being limited in a short time, one could not vote with a slow connection ...) and allow quick actions in javascript/JQuery (popup, disable links ...).

The app is protected against cheating via a cookie authentication system. It is not possible to vote several times for a game.

Material Wordpress (WIP - paused):
Wordpress theme using Material Design guidelines by Google
Personal project created late 2014, shared on Github
Saint Pavut :
MVC dynamic website using a Material Design Bootstrap theme created for a practical. You can see the implementation of the theme through these examples : events tiles and events lists
Individual web project, sem.3 2014 MMI
PAPS - Premier Arrivé, Premier Servi ! :
Dynamic classified ads website. Coming soon on my Github profile
Dynamic web group project, sem.3 2014 MMI - Front and back-end development of certain parts of the website (interactive map, ads display...)"
Catalogue Dutaf :
Management website for a catalog of products and suppliers
Individual web project, sem.2 2013 MMI
Confluences Numériques :
Showcase website for a fictional high technology show.
Group web project, sem.1 2013 MMI - Front-End development of certain parts (carousels, menu...) and Back-End (newsletter with enrollment confirmation)

Videogames projects

Impreza WRC (Coming soon):
Mod mod to add the famous 1998 Subaru Impreza WRC to the Spintires™ off-road simulation game.
Personal project, 2017 - Coming soon on theSteam Workshop
Time2Draw :
Festive videogame created in C# with Unity 3D. The main goal is to draw the word displayed on the screen with a defined part of your body. The detection is done with a Kinect v2 camera. You need 2 players + 1 person at least who votes for the best drawing with his smartphone, tablet or computer.
Group project, at the Cégep de Matane (Québec) - Front and back-end development such as the drawing system or the vote system and webapp
Canvasteroid :
Html5 (canvas) videogame created for a practical
Individual project, sem.3 2014 MMI

Video projects

Time2Draw - Thank You Video :
Video created to thank the people who tried Time2Draw during the presentation of the group projects. Video made from the random photos taken by the kinect during the game as well as the images of the event's stream
Group project, at the Cégep de Matane (Québec), 2015 - Direction, video edition, audio mix
Short Film - "Glass" :
Connected glasses are a wonderful technology. But what would happen if they would start to invade our privacy ?
Video group project, sem.3 2014 MMI - Direction, camera operating, video editing, special effects, audio mix
TP Matte Painting - "Ode à Garry's Mod" :
Free subject practical. The goal was to make a green screen compositing within a "Matte Painting" environment
Video group practical, sem.3 2014 MMI - Directing, game screencasting, video editing, special effects, audio mix
Axe Environnement - les EPI :
Explanatory video requested by Axe Environnement showing what are the main body invasion pathways for the pesticides and how to be well protected.
Video group project, sem.2 2014 MMI - Directing, voice-over, video editing (partially), some special effects (tablet animations), audio mix


Terminabuscus :
Express editing (10 min) in response to the Facebook post of Tobuscus, an American Youtuber. It is ranked in the top comment with more than 500 likes including the one of the Youtuber in question.
Personnal project, 2015
Assassin's Cat :
Avatar used on multiple websites.
Personnal project, 2014
Affiche Festival Film Court v3 (finale):
Poster created for the "Film Court" (short film) festival in Troyes. This is the final version. It has not been selected.
Practical exercise IUT MMI, sem.3 2014
Affiche Festival Film Court v2:
2nd version of the poster. Being intended for a vertical advertising format (bus stops), I had to modify it. But I prefer the horizontal version, which reflects more the cinema aspect.
Practical exercise IUT MMI, sem.3 2014

Image Gallery under construction

You will find more content with a selection of photos of nature and landscapes, editings, banners, avatars, diversions ...


Conversion of a simple RC Car into a connected car. In auto mode, it avoids obstacles. In manual mode, it can be controlled with a joystick, keyboard, or smartphone via WiFi
End of studies' project (LPDW), 2016
Batch utility using Windows 8+ built-in features to create, configure, start and stop the sharing of its Ethernet connection via a WiFi hotspot. (More infos on the Github page)
Personnal project, 2015
Phonechievement app and description french translation (as a volunteer)
Personnal project, 2012
MMI worksplace website
First "real" website created. This website was a workspace where I published my MMI (University) works.


Feel free to contact me for all information requests, job offer, services request, or any other comment.

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